Have you ever wanted to start a DIY project but didn't know how to begin?

Join us at Lowe's of Framingham! Participate in our DIY clinics during the month of June to be entered for a chance to win a $100 Lowe's gift card.

At Lowe’s, we know a critical part of helping you love where you live is educating you on the skills you need to complete projects. Holoroom How To is Lowe's first-ever virtual reality DIY skills-training clinic, designed to help you learn basic DIY skills in a fun, interactive virtual reality environment. 



How does the virtual reality DIY clinic work?

Step 1: Find our clinic in the store. Hint: it's near the appliances.

Step 2: Meet our friendly DIY technician and get comfortable in the VR gear.

Step 3: Our technician will guide you as you begin to learn the steps in VR. 

Step 4: Head home and put your new skills to the test!

Be sure to contact us if you need any help.


Hours: Monday-Sunday, 10:00am - 7:00pm

Contact: holoroom.howto@gmail.com