Have you ever wanted to start a DIY project but didn't know how to begin or where to start?

Holoroom How To is Lowe’s first-ever virtual reality DIY skills-training clinic.

At Lowe’s, we know a critical part of helping people you where they live is educating you on the skills you need to complete projects. With our VR training clinic, Holoroom How To, you can learn basic DIY skills, including supplies needed and steps to completion in a fun, interactive virtual reality environment.

Worried you don't have enough experience? Our VR experience was designed with you in mind! Our studies show that Holoroom How To lifts unskilled DIY-ers to a memory performance level of experienced DIY-ers. This allows us to give you the confidence you need to undertake a daunting home improvement project.

Come visit us at Lowe's of Framingham near the appliances!

Hours: Monday-Sunday, 10:00am - 7:00pm

Contact us: holoroom.howto@gmail.com



Your steps to success:

Step 1: Find our clinic in the store. Hint: it's near the appliances.

Step 2: Meet our friendly DIY technician and get comfortable in the VR gear.

Step 3: Our technician will guide you as you begin to learn the steps in VR. 

Step 4: Head home and put your new skills to the test!

Be sure to contact us if you need any help.