Lowe’s is proud to have sponsored one of nine international teams that competed to design the next generation of potential XPRIZEs at the Visioneers 2016 Summit. XPRIZE is one of the world’s most renowned crowdsourcing organizations, harnessing the genius of the crowd to solve humanity’s grand challenges through incentivized competition.

The Lowe’s Healthy & Safe Homes XPRIZE team was led by architect Eric Corey Freed, one of the top 10 “Most Influential Green Architects” in the world. Over a six-month period, our team worked to develop the next potential XPRIZE with the intent of creating disruptive impact on the materials we use to build our buildings and homes. Current materials and methods of construction negatively impact our health and the environment. Our team's proposed XPRIZE is intended to incentivize innovators to design new construction methods and materials that involve cleaning the air of toxins, removing harmful chemicals, generating energy, and providing healing powers.