LIL at Lowe's DC Day

LIL was excited to take part in Lowe's "Race Cars, Rockets and Red Vests" event on Capitol Hill on September 20th. We joined the Lowe's Reception at the Atrium of the US Capitol Building, where we were able to show off our latest projects to high-level policymakers, including members of the House of Representatives.

Guests were able to check out some of our latest projects, including:

  • Early prototypes of our next generation HoloRoom. Policymakers participated and interacted with our latest virtual reality experience.
  • Our new app, Lowe's Vision, powered by Tango. Guests of the event demoed Lowe's Vision before it is released to the public in November.
  • The Made In Space 3D Printer. A copy of the AMF was on display at the Atrium. The actual 3D printer currently sits on the International Space Station and prints tools for astronauts on-demand.
Guests interacting with our latest VR experience.

Guests interacting with our latest VR experience.