Kyle Nel: What retail, innovation and outer space have in common

Kyle Nel, Executive Director of Lowe's Innovation Labs, discusses the most pressing issue facing the retail industry today, how corporations address innovation. This article is part of a larger series written by retail experts attending Shoptalk 2017.

"What are the chances that there is extraterrestrial, intelligent and communicative life in the Milky Way Galaxy? While we still know relatively little about the universe, there are likely billions and billions of stars and planets within our galaxy, so on the one hand, the probability seems high. And yet, if this is true, why haven’t we found or been contacted by any of these civilizations?

"Just as astronomers, physicists and star-gazers have debated these questions, a similar debate should take place about corporate innovation – particularly in the retail industry. For all of the committed time, capital and human resources, and for all of the workshops, consultants, and conferences promising to create the right environment to promote disruption, why haven’t there been more success stories? Retail is looking for its heroes."

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