LIL-Bengaluru kicks off 2017 with event for AR/VR enthusiasts

Written by Richa Misra, Lowe's Innovation Labs, Bengaluru

The first conversation I had with Ishita from VR Collective was way back in Sept 2016 – the reason: a vision of bringing together different kinds of people interested in AR/VR under one roof to explore synergies. Since then, the two teams worked together to ideate over concepts and themes to finally host a meet-up titled ‘VR: Onwards and Upwards’ on 19th February at the Labs in Bengaluru.

Teaming up with the VR Collective group turned out to be a great decision – being India’s largest honeybee network for VR developers, it got us instant visibility into the right developer groups. Their connections in this developing ecosystem also got us access to very experienced entrepreneurs – who we invited as speakers. From groundbreaking visualizations in architecture to newer, at-home shopping experiences to industrial training, our speakers covered a breadth of areas that pushed the audience to think of newer applications creatively. One of them also showed the convergence of Indian mythology and art with VR game design, taking possibilities with this tech to a whole new level.

The audience was great too – there was willingness and curiosity to learn as well as an eagerness to share, as was evident in the Q&A session. It was great to see everyone waiting patiently in a winding queue for their turn to try out the Hololens!

Overall, this event turned out to be the perfect stage for LIL-B to kick off 2017 – two new Collider participants, a number of great partnerships on the horizon and a community hungry for more.

Stay tuned for more updates from Team LIL-B!