Holoroom How To launches in Canada!

Article written by Jasmine Evans, Senior Producer, Lowe's Innovation Labs

Holoroom How To is officially open for business at two stores in Canada. Come visit us at Lowe’s of Burlington or Rona of Beloeil to learn DIY skills in a fun, interactive VR environment!

Lowe’s of Burlington

Launching Holoroom How To at Lowe’s of Burlington brought LIL full circle. Back in 2014, we launched the first Holoroom experience in the same exact store. At that time, the Holoroom was an augmented reality experience, made possible by iPads and a huge footprint in the store. Holoroom 1.0 helped people tackle one of the largest barriers to home improvement – visualizing what their bathroom renovation could look like.

After testing our six-month proof of concept, we adjusted our approach to a fully immersive virtual reality experience. Holoroom 2.0 was powered by the Oculus Rift and Google cardboards. This helped customers to visualize their kitchen and bath renovations, and enabled them to share with friends and family while at home.

With the third generation of the Holoroom, we are now helping customers break through another barrier – learning the skills to complete a renovation. The Holoroom How To is a VR DIY skills training clinic, enabling our customers in the US and Canada to gain the confidence needed to begin executing a project. Choosing to partner with Canada again for this iteration, was a natural extension. Burlington has a very engaged customer base so we will continue to expand and introduce new experiences there.

Rona of Beloeil

The Rona store is located in a suburb of Montréal, Beloeil, which means beautiful eye, named after the single mountain that’s viewable from anywhere in the city. The store is located right off the major highway, and roughly fifteen minutes from the Rona head office. Rona’s feel like a Lowe’s, lots of blue – but smaller.

With the addition of the Rona store, Holoroom How To is now available for the first time in two languages – French and English! Our bilingual technicians will assist customers with every step of the DIY process in whichever language they prefer.

On launch day, the Holoroom How To technicians had roughly 10 associates going through the experience within the first hour. The store manager was the first one to give the multilingual build a whirl. The technician and the store manager conversed solely in French so although I could not understand their conversation, apparently he absolutely loved it. He made an announcement for all employees to hurry over. All I understood was “Holoroom Comment Faire”!

Holoroom How To is additionally available in the US at Lowe’s of Framingham, MA

About the author: Jasmine Evans is a Senior Producer at the Lowe’s Innovation Labs, who has been responsible for every aspect of Holoroom How To from conception to launch. Jasmine will continue to head up the production while it’s in stores, as we continue to test, iterate and learn.