C2 Montréal: a LIL recap


C2 Montréal

Lowe's Innovation Labs & Lowe's Canada spark innovative thinking

C2 Montréal brings together commerce and creativity with an audience of 5,000 creative thinkers and decision makers. Lowe's Innovation Labs took on the event with a Masterclass, a Workshop, and a keynote speakership, in partnership with Lowe's Canada and Neurons Inc.

Our Masterclass focused on Mobilizing the Next Moonshot Through Story, where we explained why narrative is a uniquely powerful tool to "hack" behavior change and then worked with the larger group to brainstorm the topic: how artificial intelligence can be used to benefit humanity. After the Masterclass, we turned the concepts into three narrative themes, which we brought to a team of artists who quickly generated visual representations of those narratives for the next day's Workshop. The themes ranged from a broad storyline on the future of jobs in an AI dominated society to a detailed story about a Guatemalan coffee farmer.

Theme 1:

Theme 2:

Theme 3:

The next day, our Workshop concentrated on Hacking Success Using Applied Neuroscience. Our partners, Neurons Inc., joined us to discuss the why neuroscience is a uniquely powerful tool to help us understand true responses to novel or ambiguous concepts and technologies. We then presented our story concepts on how artificial intelligence can be used to benefit humanity to the group while a volunteer wore an EEG headset so that we could test the concepts using applied neuroscience. We found that the more detailed plot and storyline, the Guatemala farmer, sparked the greatest  response with the volunteer. Her levels of engagement, motivation and attention were at ideal levels, which echoed our discussion on narrative-driven innovation.

Lastly, Kyle Nel, Executive Director of Lowe's Innovation Labs, took the main stage to present a keynote on how to drive change in today's world.

It was an energizing week, and we look forward to bringing the concepts with us to the AI for Good summit being hosted by the UN and XPRIZE in June.