ATG rebrands as The Mine with LIL providing technology solutions

Michele Newbury, president of The Mine, tells Chain Store Age why the company rebranded, and how Lowe's Innovation Labs was able to assist - in ways you may not expect.

Chain Store Age: How does The Mine interact with Lowe’s?

Michele: As a division of Lowe’s, we tap their resources so that we can move nimbly, but we operate independently. We are headquartered right near Lowe’s Innovation Labs, in Kirkland, Wash. We love to run over and explore the technologies as often as we can. This helped us decide which solutions would be priorities.  

CSA: How are you driving customer engagement through your brand?

Michele: Delivering exceptional service is important, especially in an online world. We have included 3D imagery in approximately 100 items in our catalog as a means of helping our shoppers build confidence while shopping online. Shoppers can interact with the merchandise by zooming in on finishes and textures, allowing them to make a more educated decision before making a purchase.

CSA: What’s next? 

Michele: We are considering our next technology improvements. We already have 3D in place, and we are evaluating how shoppers are interacting with the technology, and how we can further optimize this solution to meet their needs. Looking ahead, we are interested in tools that will help our customers focus on their creativity.  By partnering with strategic influencers, especially those in the Lowe’s Innovation Labs, we can evaluate what tools will be valuable to implement online.



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