Lowe's 3D powers all-new AR feature on Lowe's consumer app


Lowe's 3D was built from the ground up by our Lowe’s Innovation Labs Seattle team, which is comprised of world class, former AAA game developers and designers. The scanning and content management system is designed to create 3D product assets of such high quality that they’re nearly indistinguishable from reality.

Lowe's 3D's assets power experiences that would otherwise be impossible... Viewing a virtual grill in your backyard before purchasing for example!

Beginning March 19, Android users with ARCore-enabled devices can see what certain products will look like in their homes – before buying them! This is made possible by a new augmented reality feature called “View in Your Space,” that can be accessed within the Lowe’s consumer app.

Lowe’s research shows that customers take several weeks to mull over big-ticket purchases, like grills and patio furniture. With View in Your Space, customers can place lifelike, size-accurate items from Lowe’s spring catalog into their outdoor spaces with confidence that it will not only fit, but also match its surroundings.

Another unique feature of View in Your Space is the ability for the customer to walk around the product, viewing it in different perspectives, while the item remains scaled-to-size and in place.

Every year, visualization barriers and a lack of design assistance contribute to the stalling out of more than $70 billion in home improvement projects. With the addition of “View In Your Space” to Lowe’s arsenal of virtual and augmented reality power tools, Lowe’s is helping customers break through barriers and get their projects to completion.

See how the augmented reality experience works by watching the short video below.

Article source: Lowe's Newsroom