Introducing... LoweBot!

Two years ago we began a journey to bring OSHbot, our autonomous retail service robot, into the San Jose Orchard Supply Hardware store. Our mission was to solve seemingly intractable "common cold" problems for our customers and employees. "Oh, so you can put a man on the moon but you can't help me find exactly what I need, when I need it?" Yeah, those kinds of problems. 

OSHbot greeted customers, helped them navigate the store more efficiently, sourced product information, and even helped employees with inventory management. The reception by customers and employees alike was extremely positive and encouraging, and the overall success of OSHbot proved this technology was ready for the next step - coming to Lowe's. We can't thank our partners at Orchard enough for having taken this leap into the future with us. 

We are excited to once again partner with Fellow Robots to launch LoweBot, the next generation of OSHbot, across 11 Lowe’s stores in the Bay Area beginning this fall. We will continue our focus on learning and improving this technology on a small scale to understand what people like most about the technology, and what we need to do to continue improving its performance in our stores. A Lowe's store is typically much larger, and carries more products, than our OSH stores, which presents exciting new challenges and opportunities for the robots. 

We cannot wait to see where this technology will take Lowe’s and the future of retail!