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3D Product Visualization + Lowe's Open Builder

Person holding mobile phone looking at a virtual product in their outside living area through Lowe's Home Improvement AR visualizer.

Spatial Commerce

A foundation for future interfaces, today

Nearly a decade ago, our explorations in virtual and augmented reality taught us that we needed high-fidelity, photorealistic 3D assets and a 3D pipeline to build believable extended reality experiences – but those assets didn’t exist.

We did what DIYers do: we built them ourselves.

Person holding mobile phone looking at a virtual ladder in their garage through Lowe's Home Improvement AR visualizer.

We’re transforming Lowe’s products into high-quality 3D assets, using them to create immersive experiences for our customers today, and making them available for XR developers.

Years in the making

When we first began exploring augmented and virtual reality with projects like Holoroom, we found the 3D assets and pipeline to power these experiences did not exist – so we set out to create them ourselves. 

Through in-house development and partnership with an ecosystem of 3D asset developers, we’ve built a 3D pipeline and asset library that powers features like View in Your Space in the Lowe’s mobile app and Lowe’s Open Builder, for virtual world building.

High-quality 3D product render of Lowes Home Improvement wicker chair.


View in Your Space

Before making a big purchase, you want to be confident the product will work for your needs.

Lowe's launched "View in Your Space" in 2018, giving customers the ability to visualize and interact with a product from the comfort of their couch, right from the Lowe's mobile app. 

Select a product from the Lowe's mobile app and click "View in Your Space." After quickly scanning your surroundings, virtually drop a product into your home or patio.

Augmented reality allows you to walk around the high-quality, high-resolution item and view it from every angle.

Person holding mobile phone looking at a virtual end table in their living room Lowe's Home Improvement AR visualizer.


Lowe's Open Builder

Lowe’s has been helping builders in the real world for more than 100 years. In 2022, we helped builders of the metaverse create new possibilities.

Make your virtual and augmented reality creations more beautiful, useful, and inspiring

With Lowe’s Open Builder, Lowe’s is making more than 500 3D assets available for download for free.

Lowe’s Innovation Labs has spent years developing the 3D pipeline powering this project, and we’re proud to share these assets with other builders as they realize their visions in virtual and augmented worlds.

Title graphic of Lowes Open Builder library with 3D images around title.
Download Lowe’s 3D Product Assets

Whether you’re building in virtual worlds, creating a new augmented reality experience, developing a game, or working within a creative design application, the Lowe’s Open Builder catalog is yours. Items include lighting, patio furniture, area rugs, kitchen and bath accessories, and more.


Visit Lowe's Open Builder

Laptop on table showing in-program look at assets acquired from Lowes Open Builder.


Coming Soon

Lowe’s Open Builder in NVIDIA Omniverse

As part of our Digital Twin announcement at NVIDIA GTC, we shared that a selection of photorealistic 3D product assets will be available to Omniverse developers via a custom extension. 

Developers will be able to access the Lowe’s Open Builder library in an upcoming Omniverse update.