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Lowe's Product Expert: Custom GPT

Democratization of Expertise

AI-assisted product recommendations for your home improvement needs

Imagine a future in which determining exactly what you need for your home improvement project – and being able to get it – is as simple as asking a single question.

Our team, alongside several others at Lowe’s, has been exploring the potential of generative AI to make home improvement information and expertise more accessible.

Screen recording of chatgpt custom GPT prompt and response.

What it is

Lowe’s Product Expert is the first custom GPT for home improvement retail. 

Available for ChatGPT Plus users, Lowe's Product Expert provides Lowe’s product recommendations based on users’ prompts.

Generic generative AI chatbot solutions like ChatGPT are built on foundation models that are trained on a broad body of knowledge.

While the off-the-shelf ChatGPT can be a helpful starting point for customers seeking advice on DIY project needs, it doesn't provide enough home improvement product depth and specificity to help customers confidently make final product selections to complete projects.

As such, customers must rely on additional research, either by going to a Lowe’s store to consult an associate, or by resorting to other means of product and project information validation. 



With Lowe's Product Expert, we're combining ChatGPT's core models for advice and Lowe's product catalog for specific products, guiding customers to product details and links, making it easier to make purchase decisions.
Jay Zeng

Jay Zeng

Director, Software Engineering

Lowe's Innovation Labs

How it works

Lowe's Product Expert brings Lowe's extensive product catalog to ChatGPT

As a custom GPT, Lowe’s Product Expert is augmented with the entirety of Lowe’s product catalog. This enables customers to inquire about DIY projects and products with high confidence that the natural language responses will be both relevant and specific to their needs.

For example, if you were to ask a question such as 'I’m taking down several pictures and need to patch holes in a wall – what do I need?' or 'How do I unclog my kitchen sink?' ChatGPT can provide advice and promptly search Lowe’s catalog of millions of products, enabling you to shop for the solutions right within the chat.

How to access

Lowe's Product Expert is available to all ChatGPT Plus paid subscribers as of January 2024.

If you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to access the Lowe’s Product Expert by logging into ChatGPT. Just look for the distinctive Lowe’s gable in the custom GPT store.

Select “install” and you’ll be ready to go.

Ask ChatGPT for home improvement advice and you’ll be able to tap into the Lowe’s product catalog for shoppable recommendations.

If you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber who used Lowe's Product Expert and would like to give us feedback, please visit this link