Lowe's Innovation Labs partnered with Microsoft to launch the Lowe's Hologram Experience in two pilot stores. In these stores, customers collaborated with a HoloLens specialist to plan their kitchen renovation in an interactive, mixed reality environment, taking the guesswork out of home improvement. 

Customers could view physical objects and digital holograms merged through the Microsoft HoloLens headset, while standing in a showroom kitchen. Using simple gestures to interact with their environment, customers could easily select from an array of design options and Lowe's products, including cabinetry, hardware, counter tops, and appliances. The Lowe's Hologram Experience exemplifies how mixed reality can be a highly beneficial home improvement visualization tool that enhances the shopping experience and simplifies renovations.

What's next? Because of the success of the first two pilots, LIL plans to launch the experience with additional capabilities that will help Lowe's better understand its customer and predict elements for home renovations. These capabilities are powered by Microsoft Cortana and include the capacity to capture a customer's Pinterest board to predict their tastes for a home renovation. It will also compile data from feedback given by customers during the experience, including their level of sentiment, the time they spend looking at various elements of the kitchen, and key phrases that customers mention during the experience.