A customer's experience in retail stores has remained relatively unchanged for decades, but their expectations have changed significantly. Lowe's Innovation Labs partnered with Fellow to introduce autonomous retail service robots to amplify the shopping experience for customers.

In 2014, OSHbot retail service robots were installed in the midtown San Jose Orchard Supply Hardware store. OSHbot greeted customers as they arrived, and customers could respond - in English or Spanish. Customers could tell OSHbot what they were looking for or just hold up an item for it to scan. Oshbot then navigated throughout the store while guiding the customer to the product they were looking for. OSHbot also helped store employees with inventory scanning.

The ultimate store helper, OSHbot helps our customers and employees spend more time on what they love - your home. The OSHbot pilot closed in 2016 as the program rolled into Lowe's. Learn more about LoweBot here