A few years ago, Lowe’s Innovation Labs set out to transform the home improvement experience for customers by making it possible to visualize a finished project before it began. This vision became reality with the first Holoroom proof-of-concept, which used augmented reality technology to solve this customer challenge. Since then, we have uncovered new ways augmented reality can help customers, including designing from the comfort of home, as with the Lowe's Vision application.

Now, Lowe’s Innovation Labs is using augmented reality to transform the in-store shopping experience. Lowe’s Vision: In-Store Navigation is an app that makes it more efficient – and fun – to find products in-store. With any Tango-enabled device, which uses computer vision to detect position in the real-world, a customer can follow turn-by-turn digital directions that appear before them to pick up every Lowe’s product they need in the most efficient route.

In-Store Navigation is currently piloting in two stores, Sunnyvale, CA and Lynwood, WA. Customers who don’t own a Tango-enabled device are able to demo the application with a store associate during the pilot.

Our Google Partnership

Lowe's Innovation Labs is excited to partner with Google to build the future faster. 


In-Store Navigation: Video