CNET: Google Tango means you'll never get lost in a store again

"Some Lowe's stores are testing out an augmented-reality app that shows the fastest way to get to your items.

"The home improvement retailer is rolling out an augmented-reality app that tells you the fastest way to find items on your list. It's powered by Google's Tango, an indoor-mapping technology using special cameras to sense depth in 3D space. Measure objects, map a room and see virtual objects in the real world with augmented reality.

"With a phone in one hand and a shopping cart in the other, I'm rushing around the aisles pulling items off the shelf. On screen I see a yellow line overlaid on the camera image, navigating me to the next item on my list. There's an aisle and shelf number in case I get really confused, as well as an estimate step counter that tells me how far I have to go."

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