How storytelling ignites innovation at Lowe’s

"Technology leaders are building innovation labs, digital accelerators and incubators to inject digital changes across their organizations. Home improvement retailer Lowe's may have stumbled upon innovation gold by implementing an ancient method: storytelling. When Lowe's wants to try new things it pays science fiction writers to craft narratives chronicling the future of home improvement.

"'The only real way that we ingest new information in a meaningful, long-term way and take action on that is through this uniquely human thing called story,' says Kyle Nel, who as the executive director of Lowe's Innovation labs is the mastermind behind this storytelling approach to innovation.

"The writers create characters, conflict and a narrative ark and package them in a comic book format, Nel says essentially serve as 'strategic documents.' Lowes' staff then busy themselves with building the concepts introduced in the comics. The approach has spawned robots that help customers find their way in stories, virtual reality for design, and tools 3D printed in, naturally, space."

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