Google I/O: Updates from LIL

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Google I/O

an update from Lowe's Innovation Labs

Today at Google I/O, Lowe's Innovation Labs is announcing Google will map 400 Lowe's stores using its newly announced Visual Positioning Service (VPS)

VPS technology helps devices quickly and accurately understand their location indoors. For Lowe's, VPS can help our customers find products in the store more efficiently using the Lowe's Vision: In-Store Navigation app on Tango devices. The application is currently in private beta testing, available at two stores.

The Lowe's Innovation Labs and Google partnership began in 2015 with the Holoroom, when customers used Google Cardboards to visualize home renovations. In 2016, we partnered with Google to release Lowe's Vision with the launch of Tango. Lowe's Vision allows customers to measure and design their space using augmented reality on their smartphone - and it was the first-ever global launch for Lowe's Innovation Labs.

Why did we select Tango as the platform for our first global launch? Because it can be difficult for customers to articulate or even comprehend their reaction to new technology, Lowe’s Innovation Labs uses applied neuroscience to measure unstated reactions to new applications. Over the past few years, we have completed hundreds of hours of testing on our augmented and virtual reality projects. With Tango, we found optimal levels of cognitive interest and an intuitive customer experience.

Learn more about our neuroscience work: