Lowe's Customers Try 3D Printing in NYC

At Bespoke Designs at our Lowe’s store in Chelsea NY, customers can design and 3D print for a variety of different uses… Check out what real Lowe’s customers have been 3D printing!

  • A high-rise property manager came into the store to discuss restoring antique door knockers. We were able to help her duplicate 70+ items for the property.

  • A gentleman had his broken light fixture from his boat scanned before heading back to Los Angeles. He was able to use the file to order a repaired piece through our external 3D printer network.

  • A customer came in to pick up the shoe insert that we scanned and printed for him. He was excited to try it out and very thankful. He plans to return to scan his other foot and have another insert made.

  • A gentleman came in to have his wooden Chinese Dragon Puzzle scanned and edited in 3D. He had the puzzle produced in plastic without damaging the custom wooden piece.

  • A French Bicyclist came into the store hoping to have an out of production broken bicycle clip scanned and printed. Our designers repaired the broken piece on the file, enabling the cyclist to print the part through our external network of 3D printers.

  • A child came in with one of his ceramic sculptures from art class and was very excited to see it get scanned.

  • A bronze artist visited last week to scan his art before it went to Europe for a Gallery showing. His art was scanned and he had it printed in Bronze through our external printer network.

Lowe's, Chelsea NYC

Lowe's, Chelsea NYC

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