CES Spotlights AR & Robotics

Smart Stores

CES 2017 showcased the latest technologies, including those relating to 'smart stores' and the future of retail. LoweBot is one of the highlights, representing the first customer-facing retail robot being tested in a real store, with a key feature - the ability to listen and respond in both Spanish and English.

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Augmented Reality

Another key CES focus were the recent developments in AR, brought to attention by the launch of Google's Tango, which enables depth perception and 3D mapping, on smartphones. Lowe's Vision was one of the inaugural applications at the time of the Tango launch, which enables customers to preview Lowe's products in their home using AR. ASUS launched the second Tango-enabled phone, the ZenFone AR, this week at CES. As Tango goes mainstream, Lowe's will continue to develop visualization capabilities for Lowe's customers to use at home.

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