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Building the future of home improvement requires a variety of skills and perspectives. At Labs, we often look for partners to explore what’s possible.

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We’re always looking to connect with outside experts and institutions who sit at the intersection of the physical and digital world, build transformative technologies that solve core human problems, and obsess over home improvement.

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We’re looking for partners in the following areas

  1. Spatial computing

    Female measuring bedroom walls with Lowe's Innovation Labs Measure Your Space experience through the Lowe's Home Improvement mobile app.
  2. Generative AI, machine learning, and computer vision

    Lowe's Innovation Labs team member on a laptop in a Lowe's Home Improvement store aisle reviewing the store's digital twin.
  3. Mixed, augmented, virtual reality

    Store associate in a store aisle, wearing an AR headset used to assist in visualizing the Store Digital Twin in realtime.
  4. IoT and robotics

    LoweBot in an aisle of a Lowe's Home Improvement store.
  5. Future data sources

    View of a Lowe's Home Improvement store's Digital Twin.
  6. Web3

    Flex Drill alongside a conceptual diagram of the blockchain.
Lowe’s Innovation Labs’ in-house expertise, collaborative spirit, proximity to core customer challenges, and eagerness to experiment with new interfaces make them truly unique among corporate partners.

Joe Michaels

CRO, HaptX

Who we work with

Startups, Tech Companies

From large technology companies to startups of all shapes and sizes, we look to partners who specialize in building foundational future technologies and have unique value propositions.

VCs, Accelerators and Incubators

We often connect with the venture community in order to identify startups that might be relevant for Lowe’s, share market insights, and create new opportunities for co-innovation.

Corporate Innovators

Cross-industry partnerships can often yield invaluable insights and innovations. We’re open to connecting with other innovators to explore the future of home, retail, and emerging technology.


We often look to universities and academic institutions worldwide that specialize in developing foundational future technologies, to conduct joint research and prototype new ideas.

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What does home improvement look like in a world in which the physical and digital become one? At Lowe’s Innovation Labs, we’re actively building and testing that future. Check out some of our recent projects.

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